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Tiny Tim - Tiny Tim’s 2nd Album (1968)

After an extremely annoying weekend at work, I’m happy to return to this fun record.

It’s interesting to remember being raised in the 80s while things from the 60s and 70s were still resonating through popular culture. The one thing I always knew to be true was to never listen to a single word my mom ever said about celebrities and to just kind of take on my own view. I always saw Tiny Tim as a gentle soul with a great heart, as well as a talent for great music to make people happy.

Almost 20 years after his death that he’s still just as much of a wonder as he always was. At least to me, who remembers seeing him on television and being interviewed.

This great little record is just a part of an entire discography of a musical career that lasted 30 or so years, and paved the way for other outsiders and “weirdos” to have a hope of “making it” in the music world. 


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