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Sonic Youth - SYR1: Anagrama (1997)

I have been looking at this record for about 3 years now, moving it around, packing it and unpacking it between the 3 apartments we’ve lived in since 2010. I’m hoping this will be it for a while at least.

It was really nice to finally take the time to sit down and listen to it. It was translucent red and a 45 rpm release, two things you could not guess by the outside.

The first thing I realized is that there is no singing. Side A was two droning guitar songs, which I I really liked a lot. Side B was just some serious noise and droning feedback, which is not too different from the avant garde stuff I hear on an almost daily basis.

Sonic Youth paved the way for me in the early 90s. I was only 12 when I used to call college radio stations and asked them to play them. They really fit in with what was happening at the time., which was really the last time Generation X was able to make a huge impression on 13 year olds. Now, when I go to work, some of the people I work with were born in 1993. It makes me feel old. It also makes me feel weird that some of these people have kids the same age as mine.


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Scritti Politti - Cupid & Psyche 85

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