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For those of you who’ve never tried Kava, please go try it? It’s totally legal and good for you (except if you drink it too much)

>Anti Anxiety 
>Anti- bad day 
>Muscle Relaxant 
>Reminds you of weed, albeit in liquid form with a mud-watter(y) taste 
>Kava Bars tend to look like nerd-utopias with your selection of nerd-friendly paraphernalia and art
>taste like shit, but with the right amount of fruit garnishes, THE PRIZE. 
>Makes you more cultured. 
>Certified BAMF by the end of the day 

So yes, I highly recommend it and advocate it. Woop dee doop! 

Been taking kava every night, I guess it’s been working for the anxiety. I fall asleep sooner, so that’s good.

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